Welcome and let’s talk about resin…

Hello! Welcome to my website and blog. I took the photos myself and a look book will be available soon. Thanks to Lucy who helped me out with the website..

So, let’s talk about resins… and degree show work…

resin-blog2 In case you were wondering the resin I have used is a thermosetting synthetic liquid which forms a solid object when you mix it together with a setting catalyst. This is then set in a silicon mould to the shape of my choice,

I then dye the liquid resin with whatever coloured pigment I like (pastels, chalks, crayons) creating a beautiful spectrum of colours.

Finally I embed dyed fabrics, threads and materials within my moulds to create interesting patterns, colour contrast and to reflect the textile like qualities found in some of my sketchbooks. Once the resin is set I can file and polish the newly formed material and then it is ready to be set within one of my designs.